Changed the font of the site.

Edited footer to add a link to the credits page

Added another pumpkin pixel to the home page because why the fuck not

Added 9 new fanlistings (fandom 1, fashion & beauty 3, misc 2, ships 3) to /fanlistings.html

Added 7 banners to /links.html

Created a credits page at /c.html

Changed the background and added some decorations for Halloween. Updated all the pages to show these changes.

Finally learned how to use iframes for my sidebars, so every time I want to change anything I don't have to edit them in every single page like a damn fool.

Added born-on (?) box and internet blink exchange banner to the home page.

Added a custom cursor (credit to kicked-in-teeth)

Added a blinkie to /stuff.html

Changed a couple of buttons on the right sidebar.

Updated navigation sidebar: Added banner for moodboard.html and updates.html, and resized all the banners so they still fit.

Added 3 buttons to /buttons.html

Created /updates.html

Updated /not_found.html

Added 3 new sites to /links.html

Changed image on the home page

Created moodboard.html

Created /buttons.html and added over 100 buttons (114 I think)

Added 6 blinkies to /blinkies.html

Added 4 new buttons to /stuff.html

Finally updated the site, changed the theme and made the pages visible. Made a button for the site.