Halloween (1978)

For a few years I've been thinking about getting more into horror, media in general but specifically horror movies. While I love horror aesthetics with my whole heart, it's not something I actually touch that much beyond the surface (except for a few comics here and there, I guess), and I wanted to change that.

REC is a movie I've seen people mentioning a lot. As far as I can tell it's pretty famous and well-liked among horror fans, and I found that very intriguing. Mainly because it's a Spanish movie, and I'm not used to see Spanish movies receiving that kind of international attention.

I had been thinking about watching it for a while, and finally one beautiful spring day I decided to on a whim. That was when we were in quarantine, yes. But believe it or not, that's not why I decided to watch it. In fact I didn't even make the connection until later, when I was looking up the american version and saw the title is literally "Quarantine" lmao ella espabilada

Honestly I wish I had anything interesting to say about this movie, but I don't because I barely remember... I was entertained while watching it, and I do remember wanting to watch the rest of the series. But that's it.

I think I might have expected to feel more.. impacted? after all the fuss... And that's why expectations suck, fellas.

Those final scenes were fucking neat though.

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