Started a new section for fediverse links at /resources.html and added 6 links.

Deleted a couple of pics from the index page.

Got a guestbook at addded the link to the sidebar on the right.

Added 2 blinkies to /stuff.html

Took down Halloween decorations.

Changed the menu of the left sidebar so it's text instead of images. The font matches the rest of the site now too.

Changed the font of the site.

Edited footer to add a link to the credits page

Added another pumpkin pixel to the home page because why the fuck not

Added 9 new fanlistings (fandom 1, fashion & beauty 3, misc 2, ships 3) to /fanlistings.html

Added 7 banners to /links.html

Created a credits page at /c.html

Changed the background and added some decorations for Halloween. Updated all the pages to show these changes.

Finally learned how to use iframes for my sidebars, so every time I want to change anything I don't have to edit them in every single page like a damn fool.

Added born-on (?) box and internet blink exchange banner to the home page.

Added a custom cursor (credit to kicked-in-teeth)

Added a blinkie to /stuff.html

Changed a couple of buttons on the right sidebar.

Updated navigation sidebar: Added banner for moodboard.html and updates.html, and resized all the banners so they still fit.

Added 3 buttons to /buttons.html

Created /updates.html

Updated /not_found.html

Added 3 new sites to /links.html

Changed image on the home page

Created moodboard.html

Created /buttons.html and added over 100 buttons (114 I think)

Added 6 blinkies to /blinkies.html

Added 4 new buttons to /stuff.html

Finally updated the site, changed the theme and made the pages visible. Made a button for the site.